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You got married. Now officials want you to prove it's legitimate

Adapting to life in Texas as an immigrant can be quite challenging. If you married a U.S. citizen, your spouse is likely helping you master the English language, become accustomed to new foods and traditions and otherwise embrace your new culture as you build your life together. Every immigrant encounters challenging situations at some point; the ability to rise above and succeed in achieving ultimate goals often lies in type of support system you have in place.  

What if problems arise that are far more serious that the typical everyday challenges of adapting to a new lifestyle? For instance, what do you do if federal officials suspect that your marriage is fraudulent? If so, you can expect to receive a notification by postal mail that instructs you to appear at a Stokes interview. How well you prepare and how well you answer the questions at the interview may determine whether you can stay in the U.S. and apply for a green card.  

Who gives voice to separated immigrant infants?

If you are unsure of what's going on with the reunion of immigrant children separated from their parents, you are not alone. Despite a court's order to reunite thousands of families by July 26, government officials offer only vague ideas of how they intend to comply.

Even as those reunion expectations hang in the balance, civil rights advocates in Texas say children are still being taken away from parents who are suspected of entering the country illegally. Additionally, reports continue to surface of the government summoning youngsters to court in response to efforts to deport them.

Federal Judge Reinstates DACA – At Least Temporarily

A federal judge ruled that protections provided to undocumented immigrants under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy must remain in place and the government must resume accepting new applications. Judge John D. Bates of Federal District Court for the District of Columbia said the Trump administration’s reasoning for terminating the program was based on the “virtually unexplained” grounds that the programs was illegal.

Bates stayed his decision for 90 days in order to allow the Department of Homeland Security time to further explain its thinking. The department must accept and process new and renewal DACA applications. If it does not adequately explain its reason for canceling the DACA program in the 90-day window, the rescission will be vacated entirely.

Undocumented Workers Have Workplace Rights

The growth of the gig economy continues to change the relationship between a large percentage of the U.S. work force and employers. In 2014, approximately 34 percent of workers were independent contractors. Surveys indicate that total is expected to push 50 percent by 2020.

The freelance structure that permeates all types of industries has pros and cons for most workers. On the plus side, by becoming their own boss, many workers are able to choose the types of projects they work on and create more flexible schedules in order to control work-life balance.

Understanding What Green Cards Accomplish

The Trump administration continues to recommend legislation that will limit the number of immigrants who can come to the U.S. annually and be more restrictive about who is allowed to immigrate to the U.S. Obtaining a green card is the first step to gaining U.S. citizenship. It is important to understand what a green card provides and what it doesn’t. These facts about green cards are compiled from information published by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

What is a green card?

Your Job May Determine The Success of Your Marriage

It may feel like marriage is a bigger leap of faith than ever before, but the truth is the divorce rate in the U.S. peaked at about 40 percent around 1980 and has declined ever since, according to data from the National Survey of Family Growth.

That’s the good news for newlyweds. There is less encouraging news if you or your spouse serve in the military or work as an automotive service technician, logistician, chemical technician, or in food preparation or service. An analysis of U.S. Census data shows that workers in these fields have higher divorce rates by age 30 than those who work in other jobs.

Should One Lie Result In Revocation of Citizenship?

For foreigners who gain U.S. citizenship, the event is a celebrated affair and a life-changing event. Imagine, then, if that citizenship was stripped for a minor infraction. That would amount to a second life-changing event – one that is not cause for celebration.

U.S. Supreme Court Justices John Roberts, Stephen Breyer and Anthony Kennedy all expressed concerns recently about a case in which a Serbian woman who had gained U.S. citizenship 20 years ago was deported and stripped of her citizenship because she falsely stated her husband had not served in the Bosnian Serb army in the 1990s after Yugoslavia's collapse.

Applying for a Work Visa

Many people come to the United States in search of work; however, getting into the country for work reasons isn't ultimately as simple as crossing the border.

In fact, foreign citizens are not legally allowed to work in the United States unless they have permission from the federal government. This means obtaining a work visa or a work permit.

H1-B visas allow foreign workers high tech opportunities in US

A recent push for talent by tech companies could open new opportunities for highly skilled foreign workers to come to the United States for employment. The H-1B visa program allows employers in the U.S. to temporarily hire foreign workers in specialty occupations including technology, science, business, law, art, education and religion.

Many top international companies sponsor foreign workers in the U.S. including Microsoft, Google, Intel, Amazon, IBM and Apple for jobs with beginning salaries of $60,000.

The pay and prestige of these positions make for a highly competitive program. Currently, the federal government caps the number of H-1B workers at 65,000. Although demand for H-1B visas currently exceeds supply, you should not be discouraged from seeking a better opportunity for yourself and your family. In fact, legislative initiatives and judicial lawsuits could expand the program in the near future.

Nobel winners are evidence of immigration's positive impact on U.S. scientific advancements

Amid the heated discussion in this election cycle about the need to tightly restrict immigration, a recent news item in The Hill, a political oriented website, points out that all six of the 2016 American Nobel laureates announced to date are immigrants.

The American scientific establishment will only remain strong "as long as we don't enter an era where we turn our back on immigration," cautioned Sir J. Fraser Stoddart, one of three laureates in chemistry. Stoddart, born in Scotland, credited American openness with bringing top scientists to the country.

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