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Fighting A Deportation Order

The prospect of being deported is a devastating one for many visitors and immigrants — particularly if your family, career and life are all here in the United States. At The Robinowitz Law Firm, P.C., we help clients fight deportation proceedings and maximize their chances of being allowed to remain in the country.

I am Donald Robinowitz, a proven immigration lawyer with 25 years of experience. My knowledgeable staff and I understand that the threat of deportation is frightening. We will take the time to understand your concerns, develop a plan for your case and aggressively pursue every available option to keep you in the country lawfully.

I Just Received A Deportation Order. What Should I Do?

An order for deportation can be frightening, but it is not necessarily the final word in your case. There are several ways to challenge, appeal or stay an immigration court order — but you will need help. Consider speaking with an attorney who can help you evaluate your options and pursue relief.

We may be able to use a variety of defenses against removal, including:

  • Asylum
  • Appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals
  • A Motion to Reconsider
  • A Motion to Reopen your case
  • New facts and evidence that were not available in the original proceedings

If your deportation case involves allegations of criminal misconduct, it is wise to work with an attorney experienced in both immigration and criminal law. We have defended many immigrants in criminal matters and we have a sophisticated understanding of how these areas intersect.

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