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Bring Your Spouse And Family To The U.S.

Like most people coming to the United States, you probably hoped that your spouse and family could join you someday. Trying to work with U.S. immigration officials and getting the marriage visa application process done right can be frustrating. Rules change. Deadlines come and go. Officials make decisions that are difficult to understand. You want your family near you, but the process for marriage and family petitions can be frustrating.

I am U.S. immigration lawyer Donald E. Robinowitz. My law firm is ready to handle the complicated details and help you bring your spouse, children or qualifying family members to the U.S. legally.

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At your free consultation, we will discuss the complete process and I will give you an honest explanation of whether I can help. There are many immigration lawyers throughout Houston and southeast Texas that will make promises they can’t keep.

Here’s my promise to you and your family: I will do everything I can to find every strategy to help your family or marriage visa petition go through quickly and smoothly. If I can’t help you, I will tell you, at no cost during your free initial consultation. You deserve nothing less.

Contact me to arrange a chance to tell me about your family and what it will mean to you to have them at your side. I offer a full range of immigration services, including:

  • I-130 applications and K1 fiancée visas
  • K3 marriage visas for spouses
  • Visas for children, parents and qualifying family members
  • Adjustment of status, permanent green card
  • Citizenship and certification of naturalization

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Yes, the right immigration attorney will make a difference in bringing your family to the United States. Let me start helping right away. From wherever you are in southeast Texas, call me or contact my office by email to arrange a free consultation.