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Custody Dos and Donts

Perhaps no legal proceedings are more emotional than child custody disputes. At The Robinowitz Law Firm, P.C., we help parents through this difficult situation while tenaciously protecting their interests.

We have provided some tips for child custody proceedings below, but keep in mind that there is no substitute for a free initial consultation. Contact The Robinowitz Law Firm, P.C., at 713-622-6676 to schedule an appointment and begin exercising your parental rights.

Do be willing to cooperate with your former partner. Whether you and your ex get along or not, your child’s best interests are more important than your feelings toward each other. Some parents even lose parenting time by refusing to cooperate. Avoid talking negatively about your ex to your child, and show the court that you are willing to work together.

Don’t say no to the court. Cooperating with the court is also essential. Try to show the judge how committed you are by doing everything requested of you promptly. For example, if the judge orders an at-home custody evaluation or advises you to take parenting classes, try to complete them as soon as possible.

Do ask your child about his or her wishes. Your child may have extracurricular activities, friendships or other obligations that influence where he or she should be on a given day. Remembering that the child’s best interests are the most important factor in custody determinations, listen to his or her wishes and do your best to respect them.

Don’t withhold child support payments in order to get visitation, or vice versa. When your spouse is preventing you from seeing your child or collecting the court-ordered support you need, it can seem like playing hardball is the only way to get their cooperation. However, that is not allowed under Texas law, which treats custody and support as completely separate issues. If you need help enforcing a court order for parenting time or support, contact a lawyer.

Do Work With A Custody Attorney You Trust

I am Donald Robinowitz of The Robinowitz Law Firm in Houston, Texas. When your relationship with your child could be affected by custody proceedings, it is vital that you do everything possible to protect your parental rights and fight for a fair parenting arrangement. I have been practicing law for 25 years and devote much of my practice to parenting time and other family law issues.

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