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Will Spousal Maintenance Be Part Of Your Divorce Judgment?

Spousal maintenance may be awarded in the state of Texas in certain marital situations. These include:

  • Long-term marriages in which a spouse gave up all educational and career opportunities to manage the household
  • Cases involving domestic violence
  • Situations where one spouse suffers an incapacitating physical or mental disability

If you are seeking a divorce and feel that spousal maintenance should be part of the financial judgment, a lawyer with a combination of skill, creativity and experience can often find a strategy to help you secure the support you need. The Robinowitz Law Firm, P.C., is ready to help you with all of your concerns about spousal maintenance. As a Texas family law attorney with more than 20 years of experience in courts throughout southeastern Texas, I offer the experience and knowledge you can rely on.

What If Child Support Is Not Enough To Support You At The Time Of Separation?

Temporary spousal maintenance is commonly granted while the divorce is pending. You need to be well-advised of your rights and thoroughly prepared by your lawyer to make your case (for or against support payments) before the judge. I use my experience and the knowledge of independent professionals to investigate finances and prepare the strongest, clearest case possible on your behalf.

Temporary spousal maintenance can be requested for many reasons including:

  • College and higher education
  • Vocational training, job skills training
  • Living expenses while seeking another primary residence
  • Health insurance costs

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