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Protecting Your Interests And Your ChildÕs

Will your pending divorce include child custody and child support issues? Are you involved in a child custody problem stemming from your original divorce settlement? Do you need help modifying your original parenting schedule or child support arrangement?

In nearly every divorce involving children, custody quickly becomes one of the most frustrating and emotional factors. Both parents think they know what is best for the children. Both parents are worried about losing influence on their children’s lives.

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I am Texas family law attorney Donald Robinowitz. For more than 20 years, my law firm has been helping people throughout the Houston metro region resolve their toughest child custody and child support problems. Contact me to discuss your specific circumstances. I offer a free initial consultation and you will find me and my staff compassionate, responsive and ready to do everything possible to help you feel at ease with the legal process.

I am ready to help you with any legal matter relating to child custody and support including:

  • Joint or sole custody arrangements
  • Rights, powers and duties of each respective parent
  • Parental relocation and domicile restriction cases
  • Visitation rights and visitation restrictions
  • Visitation schedule modification
  • Child support and enforcement
  • Stepparent adoptions

Who Should Get Custody?

The courts presume that every custody case will result in joint custody. That doesn’t mean, however, that the child’s time will necessarily be split 50-50 with both parents. The appropriate schedule with each parent will depend entirely on the best interests of the child. I work with you, your spouse, opposing counsel, various child professionals as applicable and ultimately judges to help you arrive at the child custody and parenting schedule that truly is best for everyone concerned.

In a Custody Fight, Does Anyone Win?

A custody battle is hard on everyone, especially the child. No matter how much their parents try to hide the emotions, children pick up on them. Sometimes a trial is inevitable; however, I work hard to find a resolution to child custody issues that will resolve the problem without the need for an expensive, emotional and frustrating trial. I am a knowledgeable, experienced professional in all areas of mediation, alternative dispute resolution and negotiated settlements.

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