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Comprehensive Advice On Texas Paternity Issues

DNA testing has made paternity determinations highly accurate and reliable. But that doesn’t mean it is always easy. A variety of issues may arise requiring the help of a skilled and determined family law attorney.

I am Donald E. Robinowitz, and I have more than 20 years of experience as a Houston paternity lawyer. I am dedicated to helping both mothers and fathers establish parental rights and enforce parental responsibilities. Whether you are a man or woman, married or unmarried, I am ready to sit down with you, explain your rights and help you achieve your goals.

Establishing Paternity

When parents are not married, paternity has to be established before child support and child custody can be determined. Establishing paternity can be done voluntarily or involuntarily.

If the mother and father acknowledge that the father is the parent, then the process is very simple. The court will accept the statement of the parents, clearing the way for child support and parenting time to be addressed. If the father does not acknowledge paternity, or the mother denies the paternity of a man asserting that he is the father, a DNA test is the usual way to resolve the issue.

Child Custody And Child Support For Unmarried Parents

In Texas, issues of child custody and child support are handled the same way for unmarried parents as they are for married parents. As always, the best interests of the children guide courts in determining these issues. Further, judges make these decisions on a gender-neutral basis.

As an experienced Houston family law attorney, I assist men and women with paternity and the related custody and support issues. I work to ensure that your children are taken care of and that you as a parent are treated fairly.

Common Reasons Clients Seek Advice About Paternity

My clients, men and women, come to me with questions about paternity laws for many reasons, such as:

  • A mother may want to pursue child support from the purported father.
  • A man has been named as the purported father and denies paternity.
  • A father wants to establish paternity so he can receive custody and/or visitation rights.
  • A husband believes his wife’s child is not his, and wants to determine his responsibility to that child if it turns out he is correct.

Mistaken Paternity

In 2011, Texas passed a new law allowing a father to terminate parental rights if he finds out he is not actually the father of the child. Before this law, once a final order of paternity was issued, a man could not terminate his rights, even if DNA testing later proved he was not the father. This is called mistaken paternity, and if you find yourself in this situation, I can help.

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