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Know Your Rights Ð And Your ChildÕs Ð Regarding Relocation

When a parent wants to take a child and move to a different part of Texas, to a different state or even to a foreign country, there are many questions you want answered. What will custody arrangements be? What about visitation? If you are the noncustodial parent, will you continue to be a part of your child’s life? To get answers to these questions, it is important to speak with an experienced Houston parent relocation lawyer.

At The Robinowitz Law Firm, P.C., I have more than 20 years of experience handling parental relocations and moveaways. I assist both custodial parents who want to move and noncustodial parents trying to prevent relocation. Whoever my client is, I always keep the best interests of the child or children foremost in my mind.

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Common Reasons For Relocation

A separated or divorced parent who has custody of the children may seek to relocate with the child for many reasons. Some examples are:

  • To seek medical treatment
  • Educational opportunities, for the child or for the parent
  • Career changes
  • Remarriage

Often, the noncustodial parent objects to the relocation due to concerns about maintaining a healthy relationship with the child. As an experienced family law attorney, I understand the legitimate concerns of both parents, and I do my best to come to a resolution that works for everyone.

Domicile Restrictions

Some child custody orders or divorce decrees may restrict custodial parents from moving out of Harris County or out of the state. I can help you understand the restrictions, if there are any involved in your case. If there are no restrictions, I can help you seek a modification of the custody arrangements if you wish to relocate.

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