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Modifications To Existing Orders

If circumstances have changed since your divorce, a modification may be necessary to balance out finances or alter the parenting agreement. If the other parent is interfering with visitation or failing to meet child support obligations, you have legal recourse. Texas courts allow modifications to child custody, parenting plans and child support when it is warranted.

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Houston Child Support Modification

Normally, child support can be revisited three years after divorce. However, either parent can petition for an increase or decrease in support if there is a “substantial change” in income or circumstances:

  • Parental relocation
  • A big raise or better job
  • Unemployment or qualifying hardship
  • Child reaches majority (age 18 or graduation)
  • Child develops special needs (medical, mental health, educational)
  • Substantial increase or decrease in parenting time

I gather the necessary documents to prove actual income vs. claimed income, or to verify the need for increased expenses.

Houston Custody Modification

  • Parents can mutually agree to change the parenting plan when circumstances change: new job hours, a new spouse or an older child wanting to live with the other parent. I draft the agreement and present it to the court for approval.
  • In contested custody cases (e.g., seeking sole conservatorship because of alleged abuse or neglect), experienced counsel is critical to protect your rights and state your case for a change in custody. We gather the necessary documentation to assert or defend your position in court.
  • Relocation out of state (or beyond Harris County) may be prohibited by a domicile restriction in the original divorce decree or custody order. If there is no restriction on where the primary parent can live, the petitioning parent still must get the court’s approval to relocate with the children. We represent either party, building a case for the best interests of the child.

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